Coming to Terms With Peace

I wonder if perhaps a part of why we find it so difficult to find peace in our soul, is maybe our perception of what peace is.

Do we believe peace is where there is no more conflict, pain, or heartache? That struggles will cease to exist? That tears will no longer fill our eyes, and everyday we can blissfully live in Mayberry, NC? Is this the image of peace we are chasing?

Well, honestly and realistically, we cannot, will not, find that peace in this world. That peace is reserved for Heaven.

Today, we live here. We live in an imperfect world because of imperfect people. God created this world perfectly. He said his creation was good. But the people became not good.

So we will continue to faces challenges and daily strife. We will face all the realities of what an imperfect world has to offer. We will experience joy and sadness, and everything in-between.

The peace we need to set our sights on while here, is the ability to know we are doing the best we can and handing the rest to Jesus to carry. He said he would do that for us. It’s trusting him enough to carry our burdens, so we can have the best peace this imperfect world offers.

This quote is on my bathroom mirror, and has been for many years. I need to read it more often.

When you are trying your best to overcome setbacks, comprehend what doesn’t make sense, heal your heart, to move forward with optimism, to find closure, and to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, but yet you still find yourself stumbling, crying, hurting…as long as you are giving it your all, and doing it with a positive attitude, find some peace in that. We tend to be more critical of, and the hardest on, ourselves.

I know I’m doing my best right now. I am still learning my own limits and abilities. I realize many expectations that I place upon myself are often unrealistic. I can only do so much, and it is a day-by-day process.

Give Jesus all the extra baggage you carry. Rest. Take care of your person, which includes your mind, body, and soul. Connect with God and nature. Love yourself and appreciate what you have accomplished. Remember that it often took time to get to this place. It will take time to come out of it.

Coming to terms with peace. If I am getting closer to it, so can you. ♥️


Photo: Jamaican sunset, August 3, 2016

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