Unicorns and Little Girls

Walk through any toy department and you will find an array of unicorns. They are usually white with pastels sprinkled about them in some fashion. I’m not a fan of pastels. Nor am I a lover of unicorns. In fact, I do not like them at all. I don’t know why. I just don’t.

I’m glad unicorns were not much of a “thing” when my three girls were growing up. They did want real horses though. I was totally good with that.

But now that my children are starting their own families, complete with little girls, unicorns are now a “thing” these days and my three granddaughters love them. Much to my dismay.

I said I’d never buy one.



I have since lost track of how many unicorns I have purchased for my new little girls. One unicorn purse is on its way to Chicago as I write this. I even bought a unicorn Christmas stocking for one of them last year.

But with the smiles, the giggles, the way these little ones tightly hug their unicorns…how can this grandma possibly say no? I can’t…even with the subtle eye twitching when a unicorn, or three, are placed in my shopping cart and pushed throughout the store.

I love my sweet littles. But I am so looking forward to the day when they ask for a real pony. Maybe a nice shiny brown one with a flowing black mane. Yeah…that’s my dream. ♥️


Oh…and never say never.

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