The Sun Goddess

I love the sun.

It makes me feel so amazingly wonderful.

I feel healthy.

I feel more energetic.

And, youthful.

My skin rejoices with a new healthy glow.

When God created the sun, he said it was good.

And it is!!

As the sun goddess sat on her throne today, I witnessed…I mean, she witnessed…many beautiful signs of spring.

a carpet of lavender
A bird tried her hardest to assemble a nest today. Sadly to no avail.

Wasps and carpenter bees….Booooo!
Budding trees
Green grass

The colors of spring are magical!

And to know that spring is just getting started is beyond exciting!!

The throne…

I hope you are just as thrilled about spring as I am. I only wish it could cure the problems of this country like it cures me. Wouldn’t that be grand! But regardless, our little patch of this earth can be made just a little brighter because spring is finally here! ♥️

Andi, okay, okay…..a.k.a. the sun goddess. ☀️

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