I read a short devotional this morning that sent a little zing through my heart. Not a good zing. A worried zing.

Am I guilty of this?

I have been striving to be closer to God. But how diligent am I?

The example in the devotional was this:

Say you were asked to please come to dinner at your friend’s home. But when you arrived, there was not a place set for you at the table. Zing. How uncomfortable would that be? Very, I’m sure. Not to mention awkward.

This is a good visual of us suggesting that we want (or, that we already have) a personal relationship with God, yet there’s no preparation. There’s zero effort on our part, and no time allotted for Him. Zing. Zing.

Do I have a place at my table for Jesus? Am I serious about a closer relationship with God, or am I just talk?

It’s so easy to verbalize, think, or even pray about our good intentions. It’s much harder to act on them. God needs us to be all in on this one. He deserves to have a welcomed place at your table, and mine. Beginning with your heart, welcome Him into every aspect of your daily walk through this life.

Just a quick thought this morning. Maybe it will help soothe the zing a little by sharing with you.

Have a blessed day! ♥️


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