Torn Between Two Lovers

I have visited Maine on several occasions. Every time I leave I say I’m coming back. I don’t get there near as often as I’d like. I’d probably move to Maine if it wasn’t 1,200 miles from my children and their families, and the all memories we share here in west central Indiana.

I truly love Indiana. It’s a great place to raise a family. It’s quite beautiful with its farmland, hills, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and forests. I’m quite sentimental about all the memories here with my children and also the ties I have to northeast Indiana where I lived for 13 years. My home is here in Indiana and I do know that now, but for the biggest part of my life I didn’t quite know where home felt to me. Illinois, where I grew up? Indiana? North Carolina, where my parents and siblings moved? I felt like a vagabond. And I was always restless. I couldn’t see the truth until recently when I realized the most meaningful years of my life were lived here. Indiana is my home.

From the very first time I visited Maine, I felt a great connection with every part of the state. And it warmly welcomed me. It was like I found a missing part of me. I fell in love with Maine’s rocky coastline to Moosehead Lake and everything in between. Such beauty.

The last time I was in Maine was in October 2019. Too long ago. When I was there, I went hiking with my friend, Karen. We hiked up a mountain. On the way up, and on the way down, I collected parts of the mountain. When I got home, I put my mountain into a jar. Once in a while I just have to hold it. My piece of Maine.

Every so often Maine calls to me. And if you’ve ever heard Maine call your name…well, you listen. There’s nothing quite so beautiful.

Torn between two lovers. I guess that’s the best way to describe it. I’m glad I finally realize where home is but beyond grateful that Maine claims me as one of its own. That’s how I feel anyway.

Just sharing tonight. Have a great new week. ♥️


PS I should say that at age 9, I fell in love with Montana. One day I will visit there again. I guess I need to get busy!

5 thoughts on “Torn Between Two Lovers

  1. Very lovely post. I’m glad you’ve claimed Indiana as your home. It’s been a long time coming ❤️😊.

    Indiana will always be my home. No matter where I intermittently rest my head at night. Do you know what the “problem” is, God just created too big of a beautiful full spectrum of the rainbow world out there. But as with any part of the rainbow. It’s only one color. Or a transition between two colors. And all of them are beautiful. Almost all the world is beautiful in its own unique way. And has features you won’t find often in other locations on earth. Gods earth is just “too grand.”

    I just looked this up the other day I think it was 1.8% or something. That’s the landmass of the United States compared to the overall landmass in the world. If we live in the United States we don’t even have time to adequately, in a lifetime survey all the beauty of just this 1.8%.

    And if we managed to somehow survey this 1.8% it’s going to be a cliff notes version of it. We won’t get to live in places for decades (Or have had the privilege of experiencing the previous 100 years at any location) and really be able feel the culture and understand the wildlife, and all of the mysterious things that are in that one single tiny part of our country.

    And there are some crazy beautiful amazing things outside of our 1.8%. Several members of your family have been out there, including you. But even then it’s just a penny tossed into a swimming pool…To say it scratches the surface if you quickly “visit” the entire world, more or less would be an overstatement. I’m glad you have found home, and it’s right where are you have been almost all your life. The same goes for me. : )

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