Don’t wish….

When we were growing up, we looked so forward to certain milestones in our youth. We couldn’t wait to become a teenager! Thirteen seemed like it was going to miraculously open new “grown-up” doors for us. Then at thirteen, we looked so forward to sixteen and the ability to drive a car which, no doubt, gave us an even broader sense of independence.

Then there is the ultimate goal of turning 21. We will officially be recognized as an adult. We can now drink alcoholic beverages. Legally, that is. Life will change at 21 and we will finally garner all the respect we feel we deserve. The world will be transformed and will look at us in awe.

Ahhhhh….twenty-one. The absolute magical age. That’s what we thought anyway….

But…we never considered the responsibility that comes with twenty-one…which then continues throughout our years. We don’t consider there’s a 25, 37, 45, 59, 72, 89. Our youthful, ultimate goal was to turn twenty-one and the magic of twenty-one would last us a lifetime.

College, careers, marriage, buying a home, having babies. These fill up those twenties and thirties pretty quickly. And often even into our forties. Late forties and our fifties we seem to become a little more settled in life. We kind of have an idea of what life is about. Kind of.

Then the sixties grab us from out of nowhere and makes us look long and hard at where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and where we’re heading.

All of a sudden we start clock-watching a little more closely.

I tried to explain this to one of my offspring recently. Truth is, I’m on the downside of the hill in life; therefore, life plans/goals have changed in some respect. They have to. I can no longer plan ahead by decades or even years. I think about what I want to do, what I need to do, and how to get it all done. Before I can’t.

And the reality of it all is…life is unbelievably short.

An older friend of mine mentioned how he wants to plant more trees around his pond. Flowering trees like dogwood and such. He said they will be beautiful for someone else. It hurt to hear that. But that’s the reality we face as we age. It’s not really all that pleasant.

So my thought here is to not rush life. Don’t wish for another age or season of your life. Don’t wish for your babies to grow up because one day they are potty training and the next day they are driving away to Chicago. Or even moving to another country.

Don’t be in your thirties wishing for retirement. Plan for it, but don’t wish for it. Live and love each and every moment. Be present in the here and the now. Even if it is hard. It won’t always be hard. I know this. I’ve lived through the hard. Just live each and everyday fully and as best as you can without carrying regret with you into your sixties.

Love God most of all. Allow Him to lead. I didn’t always do that. Please take my advise.

Live today fully. Love with all your heart. Be grateful for the place you’re at. Learn from the hard. Rejoice in the good. But don’t wish your life away. ♥️


2 thoughts on “Don’t wish….

  1. Planting a tree for someone else to enjoy. He wanted to leave a positive impact on this world. Just like Andi with her blog posts. She wants to encourage others. Help them get thru their struggles in life. Thank you Andi!

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    1. What a nice comment. It’s a very positive way to view my friend’s tree planting. Thank you for your encouragement, Garfield. And thank you for reading my posts. 😊


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