As the autumn breeze brushes against my skin,
It whispers softly to me,
Of dreams and schemes and mysteries,
And takes me to places I long to be.

Spring rain falls gently from heaven above,
With my arms outstretched I twirl around,
I raise my face to greet each drop,
And I find myself dancing in Paris town.

Dreaming a simple dream or two,
During the night or in the day,
Gives love, and hope, and inspiration,
Painting rainbows in skies of ashen gray.

I dream of a place to call my own,
Set deep within the spruce and pine,
A cabin, enclosed by drifts of snow,
Built from my heart; true love’s design.

Without my dreams what would I be?
Well…I’d only be half, of who I am,
Dreams render hope, and peace, and love,
A mirror for me, my life to exam.

So I encourage you to dream a dream,
No boundaries there to trap you within,
To experience love on a river walk,
Under the light of Saturn, the magic begins.

Or visit a castle across the seas,
Where romance never dies,
Drink ale in a pub in the emerald green,
Or ride a black stallion beneath crystal blue skies.

As for dreams, they truly release me,
From my troublesome day-to-day woes,
And take me whenever…wherever,
My yearning heart desires to go.

By Andi
December 23, 2012

Photos: autumn sunrise in my backyard; sunset during a spring rain; my lighted cabin canvas; Naperville Riverwalk: foursquare.com; castle: curiousireland .ie

11 thoughts on “Dreams

    1. I do too!! My son has been there and loved it. He’s on his way home from Africa currently. He’s producing a documentary there there. I know he was in heaven there as he was surrounded by lots of children.


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