My Girls

Mattea, Denae, Charlie

I love this picture of my girls. It was taken at my 60th birthday party almost two years ago. These girls are pretty amazing. Similar, yet very different from one another.

One thing they have in common is their laughter and their ability to find almost everything funny. They have the greatest sense of humor. (Actually, all six of my kids do.) Their laughter is contagious. You cannot be around them and not join in their laughter, even if you don’t know what the heck they are laughing at. Laughter is one of the greatest gifts given to mankind. At least in my book. It is definitely a connection of their hearts…and mine.

My girls are upfront and honest with me. I’m a little more passive, I suppose. As adults, we don’t always see eye-to-eye but we do respect boundaries and each other. We can talk about silly things, girly things, serious things, and hard things. Most anything.

I don’t know what I’d do without my girls. I’d be lost for sure. God has truly blessed me. And I am grateful that I can call these beautiful young women, mine. ♥️


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