The Little Garden

My fairy Belle, a few years ago

My daughter, Charlie, gave her niece, Belle, a magical garden for Christmas. Belle painted the pieces first and then Charlie helped to plant the wheat grass. When the pieces dried, Belle arranged them as she wanted and then added gems to the display. I added a tiny string of lights when she was through.

The wheat grass grew very quickly in my sunroom. Every morning we were astonished at the growth. We are supposed to trim the grass but my granddaughter says she doesn’t want me to mow it. She wants it grow to the ceiling. Not sure how tall I’ll let the grass grow before I get the scissors out for a good trimming. It’s pretty tall already.

Putting this garden together reminded me of the time I worked in the activities department at a long term health care facility. We made gardens with the residents and had a contest. They had great fun and so did we.

My garden was a pirate theme. The residents had many creative ideas too. It is a cherished memory of my time there.

No worries…I removed the foot when displayed at the facility. 😬

Below are a few of the gardens made by the residents:

It’s fun to get caught up in make-believe and become a child again. That’s how I felt when watching my granddaughter create hers and of the time when I threw together a tiny pirate garden.

I hope your weekend is great and that maybe you can tap into your inner child and do something fun. ♥️


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