The Scarf

Original posting: February 14, 2021

One very sunny, but chilly winter day, I ran to the grocery store. I picked up a few things and got in line at the checkout counter. This was long before there were self-checkouts, and at a time when a pandemic was something you only read about in a science fiction book. This particular day was during the good old days when you weren’t afraid to talk to one another.

I got in line behind an older woman whom I recognized. At first I could not place her. I remembered her kind face though. It wasn’t until later that I recalled that I had seen her at church that I visited often and then remembered too that she had owned a restaurant in town for a bit. My life then was all about kids (six of them) so many people were only acquaintances to me. I had some behind-the-scenes struggles as well that kept me distracted and distanced from others.

This woman’s name was Julie.

Julie talked to me with such kindness as we stood in line. She asked about my family and my many kids. I realize now that my head was wrapped around children and what to make for lunch after church services that I didn’t visit with others like maybe I should have. Julie knew way more about me than I knew of her and she seemed to think highly of me. I don’t know why. We were at different stages in life. As an older woman now myself maybe I’m able to observe more detail in others as well. I also believe she was intuitive enough to see that I had some struggles going on in my life.

As we talked I admired her very colorful scarf. It looked heavy and warm and really soft. I told her how pretty it was. She told me that she had made it and explained how easy it was to do. It was then her turn to checkout and we said our goodbyes. I paid my bill and headed out to my suburban.

As I was unloading the cart into my car, I was pleasantly surprised to see Julie approach me. She said, “I want you to have this”, and she took the scarf off from around her neck and lovingly wrapped it around mine. She then gave me a warm hug and off she went.

I will never forget that moment. I’ll never forget her kindness or her love expressed through a simple scarf. Her warm gesture spoke volumes. She was a great encouragement to me that day and my spirits were lifted. And I realized too that you never know who is watching over you and paying attention to detail. I cherish this scarf and wear it often as it is a reminder that heavenly love walks upon this earth.

I’ve heard that she’s passed away now and that makes me sad. I wish I knew more about her. It was a goal to meet her again and visit. But that’s another lesson for another day. Don’t put matters of the heart off for another day. What she did for me that day no words can adequately express. But God knows. And that’s most important of all. She was an angel sent to me when I needed her. I think of her every time I wear this scarf, yet it’s so much more than just a scarf. It’s love that keeps me warm. Thank you, Julie.

Be grateful for the simplest gestures of love, compassion, and encouragement. ♥️


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