My dad gave me a gift. The love of music. Early Saturday mornings, my brother, sister, and I would wake up EARLY to Here Comes the Sun, or Tommy, Can You Hear Me?. My father was one of those people who couldn’t stand for anyone to be in bed if he was up. Even if it was 6:30 am on a Saturday morning. So he’d crank his stereo up loud to make sure we could hear it.

But I grew to love his music. All kinds of music. Rod McKuen, Beatles, The Who, Roy Orbison, the Brothers Four, Johnny Mathis (my momma’s favorite), Gene Pitney, etc. But my overall favorite came later in life.

We were not close as a father and daughter should be. We struggled to have a decent relationship for all of my life. We loved each other but were just so opposite from one another. Simply put…we could not understand each other. It were as though we spoke different languages.


Dad decided to connect with our Italian roots (his mother’s side) and he bought a home in Italy. Along with his love for Italia, came his love for Andrea Bocelli. There in Italy we found our connection of hearts.

He shared with me Andrea Bocelli and I, too, fell in love with his voice. He brings me peace and fills my heart with love. My daughter, Charlie, surprised me one night last December and took me to his Christmas concert. I was so overwhelmed. I never in my life ever dreamed I’d see him. And it was beautiful. I may or may not have cried as he sang A Time to Say Goodbye. A song that made me miss my dad all the more.


My father shared his love music with me. And I am grateful for that. Even if it began as an early Saturday morning wake-up call. Music takes me places. It’s happiness. It’s sadness. It’s very much about love. It’s feeling free and independent. I remember exactly how I felt when I first heard every song. I’m never alone when I have music.

My go-to band is ultimately Keane. Sometimes Coldplay too. America is a forever favorite. Kevin Sharp is right there at the top as well. I have many artists and bands that bring me much happiness. I love the music from the 70’s and 80’s. But before and after those years are great as well. My kids grew up with classical music in our classroom. In the fall, I’d throw in some mountain music, especially with hammered dulcimers.

Dad allowed me to play his guitar when in high school. I gave it back when I got married. I have it with me once again since his passing. I have his ukulele as well.

mio padre

My dad has been gone almost two years now. And what I wouldn’t give to have just one more song with him.

Music. It’s so good for my soul. It inspires me. It encourages me to feel every emotion. It soothes me and takes me back to yesterday and into the arms of people I have loved. ♥️


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