Still sitting here in the cold. Power is not expected to come on until this afternoon. The office does not have power either so I won’t be going there today.

It’s 60 degrees in my home. Windchill of 16 outside. The two little ones are running around unfazed that it’s cold in here.

I’m hoping (praying) that the outage didn’t take out any of my appliances. Especially my new fridge and dryer. For two plus hours we had a partial outage. I was unaware until 5:00 this morning. Now everything is completely out. Low voltage feeding the appliances can damage them I’ve been told.

At 5:00, my stove was beeping at me and when I looked at the digital clock and it spelled out the word “bad”. At least that’s what it looked like through sleepy eyes. It creeped me out so I unplugged that bad boy.

You never know what a day will bring. A phone call. A text. A letter in the mail. A power outage. Things can change in a second and alter your day, your plans, your life. Some things you can prepare for…like having a generator for an outage. Which I do not. Other things we have no control over.

So today let’s practice smiling. Smiling because we aren’t going to let a power outage get us down, even if it now means I have to work tomorrow, Saturday. Not really ideal for me because I have to alter my plans.

But today we will smile. At least try too, right? And I’ll be grateful for the many blessings that God has given me. I hear two little voices coming from the other room. What could be a more beautiful sound? I am blessed.

Sending you smiles to brighten your day. ♥️


Photos: Amber, my daughter, Charlie’s, beloved golden retriever.

***As soon as I was ready to publish, the power was restored. You just never know…🤦🏼‍♀️

2 thoughts on “Smile

  1. God is good that way! And the smiling dog pictures are beautiful and made me smile! In Sept 2020, we had a huge ice storm blast through my town, and it ruined one of our chest freezers. The power was off for over 4 hours at my house, but we have a commercial, propane cook stove, so just cranked up the burners for heat. So many lines were downed, that it took those hard working linemen 4 days to get power up and running in town. (27 miles away from where I live.) So there was no point going to the office to work. Kind of a forced mini vacation!

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