Your Perfect Puzzle

Puzzles are intricate and they have to fit together precisely to create a complete picture. That’s how life is as well. All of the pieces, made of your life choices, decisions, dreams, goals, trials, etc., fit together to create the picture of your life.

Sometimes when we want something so badly, we try to to force a piece of someone else’s puzzle into our own. That just won’t work because every person has their own puzzle. Puzzles are as unique and individual as our fingerprints.

Comparing our life to someone else’s causes a great emptiness as our life drains of happiness.

The neighbor’s yard is greener.

A coworker’s life is easier.

Your friend has a more loving husband.

Your brother makes more money and has a nicer car.

So and so’s wife is in better shape, even after having children.

Your best friend’s kids are better behaved.

We end up unfulfilled and frustrated as we wish someone else’s life was ours.

Not one person has a “perfect” life and things aren’t always as they seem. But we are all blessed in numerous and unique ways and that is where our focus should be.

Your puzzle is a perfect puzzle because it’s your story, your life. ♥️


3 thoughts on “Your Perfect Puzzle

    1. It’s actually a puzzle app with the option of grabbing your photos to turn into a puzzle. Both photos are mine. I created a puzzle and then took a screenshot before they were completed. Thank you!


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