Le Tre Amiche

Time has a way of maintaining (and rekindling) relationships. Time isn’t always lost.

I am fortunate to have very close friends from my youth. Several friends, in fact. And I treasure each of them.

When I went to my 40th class reunions (I have two) about 3.5 years ago, I was able to reconnect with several friends. We hit it off as though there were not decades between our last visit. It was amazing and heartwarming. They are genuinely good people and I love them all.

I was able to spend time with these two girls, who meant the world to me when growing up. We lived in the same neighborhood in Waukegan, Illinois, and spent endless hours together. They are beautiful women.

We are still very close. We share grand baby pictures and pray for each. We always lift each other up. Oh, and we laugha lot.

I have been blessed beyond measure with the gift of friendship. I have friends sprinkled throughout the different eras of my life. They all showed up at times when I needed them most. Some have been present for almost 56 years.

Le Tre Amiche
The three friends. We will always be.

Reflect on the friendships in your life and pay close attention to the timing of when they entered your life. Maybe there was a rhyme and reason. I hope you can love and appreciate each of them. Friendships are gifts.♥️


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