Choosing Battles

I have learned so many life lessons and I certainly relate to how many older people are more patient and understanding than they were in their youth. I find myself much more tolerant and slower to speak than I was just 10 years ago.

Not that I am tolerant of things that God finds intolerant. There is no compromising with God. But I am not as judgmental or accusing or vocal as I once was concerning other’s life decisions. I hope that at 61, I am a kinder, more gentler person.

Is it because I’m tired? Or, is it because I’ve learned over the years about what is or isn’t important? Maybe a little of both. Choosing battles.

Who am I to say what is best for you? I could suggest a better workout routine, wiser food choices, advice on child-rearing, or share my thoughts on your love life. But who am I to suggest that I know what works best for you or your children, or that the love in your life is totally wrong for you?

Yes, I do know it would be different if you were being hurt in some way. By all means, I will step in. But what gives me the right to hound you to see my way when I, myself, am so far from perfect and I am still a student of life?

Regretfully, I’ve lost a few good things in my life because I listened to others. I’ve lost people and time. I was once weak like that. I allowed others to sway my decisions. Decisions I can no longer take back, or get back.

So when I feel the urge to step in, I take a step back first and think about it. Will I be received as friendly, helpful, and appreciated, or could it possibly escalate into a confrontation because the other may feel I’ve put them on the defensive? If so, it’s about choosing a battle wisely. The same goes when I have a personal issue with another. Is it worth a possible battle and hurting a relationship?

But be aware, I do come with a warning label. If I am asked for my thoughts and opinions, I will be straightforward and respond accordingly…whether it goes meshes with your way of thinking or not. 😉

Choosing battles. Sometimes its more about us being right than true concern for the other. Battles come and go so it’s not about the fight. It’s not about being right. Life is about loving one another. Choose wisely. ♥️


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