The Coffee With Andi Show

I thought about the title of my blog yesterday and it made me think of a talk show…although I have been the only one participating. For fun, this is how it would possibly go if I had my own show and a special guest speaker.

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Announcer: It’s the Coffee With Andi Show!


And our host…Andi!


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Andi: Good Morning! Good Morning!

Thank you so much for joining me! How’s that cup of joe? Is it warming you up on this cold December morning?

Today we have a special guest whom we are all quite familiar with. This guest has touched each of us in some way. He’s angered us, caused a great amount of confusion, and changed us as a people. In many ways, our guest has opened our eyes to the reality of our world today. And while that is a good thing, many do not want embrace him with open arms.

I did ask our guest if he would like to speak to us incognito, but that suggestion was kindly declined. He would like to face the music, so to speak, and set the record straight as his term is coming to an end. He politely reminded me that we all know what he looks like but that his appearance varies from person to person. Our guest would like to give us an opportunity to reflect on what was and prepare for what is to come.

If you wouldn’t mind giving a warm welcome to 2022!



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Andi: Hello 2022. Thank you so much for coming here today. I apologize for the lack of applause but you are fully aware of the sentiment concerning the past twelve months. I realize, as well, that you might be more than slightly uncomfortable sitting here with my studio audience. But I do appreciate you coming here as a means to reflect upon your term.

2022: Thank you so much, Andi, for having me. Yes, my term is coming to a close. The past 12 months have been packed full to say the least and I am fully aware that my legacy will be not well-received nor will it be well-thought of when looking back years from now.

However…without getting into heated discussions over war, inflation, education, sexuality, the grooming of children, child trafficking, election fraud, the unsecured border, the national debt, the climate, Covid, January 6th, and so on…you know the issues at hand…I ask only one thing of you before my story ends and another begins.

I ask that you might reflect on the good things that each of you experienced this past year. Every day had a blessing or two within it. Maybe a long awaited phone call. A letter written to a loved one. Maybe it was the birth of a child. A marriage. A long, overdo vacation. A whisper of I love you. A thank you. Holding the hand of a little one or the weary hand of a shut-in. Maybe there was a blessing in caring for another. Or, money received to feed your family. If you look carefully, every single day contained something of great value. The things that truly give life meaning and purpose.

If you could look back at my time and remember those things, I would be honored. I didn’t choose the bad to happen. Those things happened because of the willful and well-thought out actions of others. And if you are not familiar with who or what, my advice to you is to follow the money. That is a reliable indicator of who is doing what, for whom, and for what purpose. It could be in the best interest of the people or it could be for selfish gain and power. Please remember to pray urgently for those who fight for good, but also for the evil doers. With knowledge, do your part to make a better tomorrow for all.

In a few short days I will hand the baton to 2023. I do not wish to be in his shoes as he is starting off in a very difficult place. I tried to clean up after 2020 and 2021, with a small amount of success, but he has a compilation of all these years plus mine, to continue to work through and make sense of. The ramifications of 2020 were really only just becoming known during my term.

Pray for 2023. Pray without ceasing, and pray hard. Continue to look for daily blessings and know that God is ever-present. Be kind. Be a worker of good and not evil. Love your neighbor.

Well, I guess that’s all I really have to say.

Andi: Wow. Thank you so much, 2022.
Yes, I do know that I’ve been blessed in many many ways this past year. I will continue to reflect upon those things.

Thank you so much for your insight into the next year and for your well-advised advice. Many of us have heavy, tired hearts from the last three years or so. Perhaps we can do as you’ve suggested by keeping blessings the focal point of each day but yet remain knowledgeable of the issues at hand. Using this knowledge, and with God’s help, we can work accordingly, to make our world a better, safer, and kinder place to live for our children and generations to come. Thank you again, 2022, for joining us.

2022: Thank you, and God bless.


(Lots of Applause)

Andi: Well, that concludes our segment this morning. I wish you well as we head off into another year. Thank you so much for joining me and for allowing 2022 to speak to your heart.

Be well. Be safe. Be grateful. ♥️

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(Applause and music fade)


I have two beautiful logos created by two of my boys. The above logo was created by Jet. The one below is by Ezekiel. I love them both. I will use each of them from time to time. ♥️

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