Go Through It

Often when we come upon a difficult time in our life we talk about the need to get past it in order to heal. What does that mean to get past it?

Today I heard something on a Hallmark movie that struck me in a remarkable way. The situation there, of course, was related to love and heartache. Difficult times are not always related to love though.

So the gist of what was said in the movie was that when faced with a trial, we cannot simply go around it in the passing zone. We need to go through it.

Going through it means you are dealing with it. You don’t avoid all the hard stuff that is created by the situation. You hit it straight on. You face it. You work through it.

Regardless of how hard it is, face the situation head on and deal with it as difficult as it may be. In my opinion, it might just be a healthier route to take than simply getting past it. Taking the path of least resistance will only add extra baggage to your life of that which is not dealt with appropriately.

Maybe my take on getting past it is a little deeper than needed but the words go through it made me think about healing in a different light.

Who says you can’t learn something of value from a Hallmark movie? 😊 ♥️


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