Flower Arranging

Today I enjoyed a special treat by a special friend, Pam. She invited me to a flower arranging class with her. Actually, her husband treated us. He knows her love for flowers and he did this for her and she asked me to come along. This was a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning.

Pam lives 46 minutes from me and then the florist where the class is held is another 30 minutes from her. We hopped into her beautiful black charger and took off on this picture perfect autumn day. After traveling through many roundabouts (I could not live there) we finally made it to the shop.

I had worked for a florist for seven years. We were a small town business. Our store was also a gift shop filled with sweet treats, clothing, accessories, sorority items, and many other treasures.

This florist was located in its own classy brick building. Orchids greeted us when we walked in. I have a fondness for orchids. I was greatly impressed that the whole store was one huge design area. Where I once worked all the designing was in a back room.

There was a large walk-in cooler at the back of the store. Large tables were set up for designing. I was surprised at all the men and women working there. Loading up vans, prepping flowers and greenery, and creating gorgeous arrangements. I felt like I was in Santa’s workshop with all the busyness. It was a great feeling.

We walked past a bucket and Pam pointed out the roses in it. Lavender roses. My absolute favorite. They mean love at first sight.


Class started and as I pulled the guard petals of each rose, I thought of the beauty in each flower and how much flowers mean to me.

my finished arrangement

It didn’t take long to complete our arrangement. We started with the lavender roses. Then we added the greenery, the branches of brown leaves, and a tiny pumpkin. I was used to starting with greenery but this worked out nicely. Our autumn arrangements are beautiful.

Flowers soothe the soul. Pam is the human form of a flower and I appreciate her so much. We had a wonderful day together. ♥️


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