Take Me Back to the Start

The Scientist. Coldplay. This song means much to me. I’m sitting in my car on this cold morning listening to my special playlist of Keane, Coldplay, and Jack Johnson when this song came on…and so this post was born.

The first time I heard The Scientist was when my second oldest made a music video for a school project using this song. It featured my children, namely my youngest son, who starred in a series of short films as Melvin. So many years ago.

Take me back to the start. The start of everything.

Take me back to my early family life in Waukegan. So much learning took place in those years. I have much to learn yet.

Take me back to my high school years. I have unfinished business there.

Take me back to my gold rocker where I held my babies and sang made-up songs. Many hours I sat in that chair even after bellies were filled and sleep took hold. I rocked and rocked. Holding them tight.

Take me back to the woods to my crying log. Not enough tears were shed. Not enough prayers were said. Not enough sins confessed.

Take me back to my parents’ arms.

Take me back to the happy gatherings of my children. I long to watch them interact. I long to overhear their conversations. I long to hear their laughter.

Take me back to my running days. To the woodsy trails where I found so much peace.

Take me back to my first drive to St. Joe when I got lost in time and immersed in my music.

Take me back to early morning walks in the woods I once owned where poetry was inspired.

Take me back to Chelle.

Take me back to lost loves.

Just take me back. ♥️


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