A Unique Sunset

Friday night is date night with my daughter. We do stuff like an old married couple. Out to dinner and then shopping. But we enjoy this time together. When we walked out of a store and into the parking lot, I could not help but notice the awesome sky. It was so unique. I drove to my favorite sunset viewing spot to take these pictures.

The horizon looked as though explosions were taking place. As I was watching the largest “explosion”, all of a sudden the clouds parted and another smaller explosion quickly burst into view just to the right of it. It was so awesome to watch.

I hope you enjoy this sunset. It was awe inspiring to witness it. It was windy and cold and I had to cross water and mud to get the best pics. I accidentally locked my daughter out of the car while I traipsed through mud to reach the farm field to get pictures without overhead lines in them. She was insinuating that I wasn’t acting my age and that I was acting like a teenager. Well, okay…what can I say? I get excited. I’ll accept that. I love the sky and I’ll probably do this again. And again. 🙂

Have a great weekend! ♥️


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