Find Your Focus

Psalm 119:37
Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.

I left FaceBook over a year ago. I downloaded all my information and it was “Ciao, baby!”

I left for many reasons. For one, I didn’t appreciate that I was called out for being a bully which went against Facebook guidelines. I’m not a bully nor was I one one in this circumstance. I made a comment on a post. I misused the word affect which should have been effect. Or, the other way around. I can’t remember. A woman by the name of Linda Flowers kept commenting on that error and wouldn’t let up. She wasn’t commenting on the content of my thought, only on the misuse of a word. I corrected the word and she continued to badger me about its misuse and then made fun of me for changing it. I do believe that there are those, especially on political and/ or controversial posts, who intentionally try to stir things up and cause problems. They are called trolls for a reason. They troll comments to purposely cause problems. I called her out on it and suggested she was a troll. Almost immediately, she reported me. I was sent a message by Facebook about their guidelines concerning harassment and bullying. They said I could appeal my guilty status and that it would take a couple of days for a response. I clicked on “appeal” and instantly received a response that my appeal had been reviewed and I was found to be guilty of harassment and bullying. I mean it was instant. Not even a second from when I submitted my appeal. Yeah

Facebook isn’t the same as it was when it first started. Or, is it? I believe it was set up for failures like this and to be used as a censoring platform. It is a tool (my opinion) for entities more powerful than us and has been all along. These people knew from day one the power behind social media. They aren’t stupid people. And as in everything controversial, follow the money.

But in line with my scripture verse this morning, I spent way too much time in front of Facebook. Time I really didn’t have to waste but I did. It consumed me. If I posted something I would constantly check for likes and comments. Then it only got worse when the election, Covid, and January 6th all took place. I lost friends and some family to the controversy. I listened to them but they didn’t want to hear my point of view. All of this turmoil made Facebook even more addicting. I found myself swallowed up in a great amount of negative which greatly affected/ effected my personal life. (You pick the right word. 😊)

I waved the white flag and surrendered.

I tell you what, it was quite liberating. Finally, I removed my Instagram app from my phone because I’m not sure how to delete my account. Instagram had become my new Facebook and it had to go as well.

Sometimes we need to let go of things that are in our face constantly. Too much negative can have detrimental affects/ effects on us. (I’m beginning to hate those two words.) The Bible tells us what to keep before us.

Philippians 4:8
Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

This doesn’t mean we should avoid controversy or hide from the news, but our focus needs to be on pure things. This will keep our minds and bodies in a healthier state of being. Whatever your focus is on, your mind will become that.

Find your focus. Clean it up if necessary and discard what is useless and/ or harmful. Be grateful for beautiful things. Focus on what is pure. ♥️


My newest granddaughter, Juneau. 😍

11 thoughts on “Find Your Focus

  1. I left Facebook because I was socially awkward even there. And I enjoyed watching British comedy and sci-fi on there. But little videos would pop up on there of men and women doing stuff. Though you didn’t see any of the goods, it was basically porn. For those reasons I left.

    Congratulations grandma 😁

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      1. It was the only way to have church there for a while. And after so many times my family asked me to download it so we could chat, I’d say you have my phone number! We can call or text anytime! Only like 3 people friended me and hardly ever said anything 🙄

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  2. And about your issue with the person, I kind of had a little stupid situation myself lol. I got on a birdwatching group where we posted pictures of birds and discussed birds. I posted a picture of a buzzard I’d took. It was a nest in an old barn. Crap everywhere. It stunk. I said they live in nasty environments because it helps them stay immune to things for their diet and lifestyle. I was rebuked 🙄

    “First of all, they are not buzzards. They are called turkey vultures. And they are not nasty! They are nature’s environmental crew and they are beautiful.”

    Just 1 of many wonderful comments 😂

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  3. It is surprising how anyone who promoted Trump was censored but if they promoted Biden they weren’t. They have a double standard when it comes to controversial topics. If someone doesn’t agree with what you post and complain about it you go to Facebook jail. If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion then post your owe and agree to disagree. That is what America is supposed to be about. Freedom to feel and believe in your own way.

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