There’s No Learning in Easy

My youngest daughter and I took Nyx for a walk on this lovely Sunday afternoon. For most of this day, I’ve been going through my jewelry, trinkets, and keepsakes; sorting and pitching as I go. There have been a lot of journeys down memory lane. Happy and sad journeys. Much of what I have is from loved ones who are no longer here. So I just needed a break.

Nyx’s favorite thing is running. So if no one was present in any direction, I would unleash her and let her have some fun. She never goes far from me though. She’s a one-person dog. That person being me. She suffers from separation anxiety so she needs to be near.

As we walked, Mattea and I laughed a lot at this crazy dog of mine. We talked a lot too. Walking is always a special time for us. We have each other’s full attention. No distractions. Well, except for Nyx who is trying to grab a tree root to play fetch with, or dragging a huge limb into the pathway.

We talked about several things. Mostly, she vented about how hard life is. And I agree. It is hard. And it doesn’t get any easier as life goes on. I simply told her: there’s no learning in easy.

There really is no learning in easy. Learning and growing. That’s what we do from birth until death. It builds character. It molds and shapes us into better, more compassionate people. Or, it should anyway. I do know those who never seem to learn and have remained in an immature state of mind. Often, they are angry people who do not play well with others.

Be grateful things aren’t always easy. Rejoice when you find a patch of peace. Pray for relief when life just seems to be too much. Love those who come to your aid during hardship. I know I am blessed with those who care.

Have a great new week. And if you have a chance, go for a walk with a loved one. Enjoy conversation with each other without distraction. Well, unless you have your own Nyx to entertain you along the way. ♥️


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