Being Stuck

“Just be glad you’re not a tree.”

My father once said this to me. I thought it was silly. I was complaining about a situation where I felt stuck and his point was that I wasn’t stuck.

A tree is bound by its roots. Stuck exactly where it is planted; no matter what weather assaults it; no matter what new buildings crowd out its sunlight; no matter what drought parches its leaves.

A person has roots but they’re not binding. When a person is surrounded by a hostile environment, he can defend himself. When a person is cut off from light and warmth, she can move to a sunnier spot. When water is lacking in one place, we can find an oasis.

I am glad I’m not a tree. I am grateful for the power to choose my surroundings and my companions.

This week I will examine my environment, and where there is turbulence, I will seek calm; where there is darkness, I will seek light; and where there is drought, I will seek nourishment.

I am praying for a week of growth, of positivity, and of gratitude. A week that is filled with love and laughter. ♥️


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