Time is ticking. And the older I get the faster that ole’ clock spins.

I think the best years of my life were between the ages of 30 and 55. Maybe that’s how it is with everyone. You have kind of settled down by then. Maybe you have your own home and are raising a family. Your kids are on little league. There are a summer camping trips. Fishing. Sledding. Trick or Treating. You feel pretty good, mentally and physically. You are strong. And you appreciate all that you have because you’ve worked for it.

Now that I’m pushing 61, I find that my life has changed dramatically and I find myself preparing. It feels sorta like nesting. You know…like a new momma when she has this amazing burst of energy to clean and pack and get everything ready for the arrival of her new little one. That’s kind of the mode I’m in, only mine is in preparation of my departure. It’s not something I’m choosing to do. It just kind of come upon me all on it’s own.

I look at things around my house. I remember Terry’s Village and a few other catalogs that filled my house with stuff. What a thrill it was make my house a comfortable home for my husband and children. Chelle and I had so much fun shopping through catalogs for hours on end. Looking back is much more comforting than looking forward.

Now I look around my home and questions fill my head. Who would want this? Will they fight over that? Will this find its way to a shelf in GoodWill, or sold in a garage sale. Maybe it will end up of my driveway. Who knows. What is treasured by me isn’t necessarily treasured by others.

Life is short.

I’m not suggesting that my departure is soon. But we really don’t know, do we? I have another friend lying on his deathbed today. I texted him goodbye. He’s a couple years younger than me. We do not know.

I will continue to prepare I suppose. It’s what my heart is telling me to do and I want things simplified for my kids. You look at everything differently from this new angle in life. But it’s a part of life. Just know, I’m not intending to leave anytime soon. I’m just preparing.

Cherish life. It is so precious. ♥️


14 thoughts on “Preparing

  1. Well, I’m hoping it’s no time soon at all!! But I haven’t called another woman mom since my mom…. So that should tell you something about yourself.

    I thought you should know that.

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