New Year’s Eve

Another ending to another year. Besides last year, I don’t think I’ve hated any other year as much as this one. Come to think about it: 2020/2021 = one freakishly long year.

Looking back there are beautiful highlights in the dark places I had to visit. My dear friend provided me a place of comfort during the darkest days of my dad’s passing in Florida. I will never ever forget his kindness and generosity. I met Carlos at the B&B in Florida and his friendship and compassion during that sad time is something I will always cherish. I spent quality time in the Florida sun with my brother and sister who I hadn’t seen for a few years.

I got to know my dad’s wife better and met Dad’s many friends at the Italian bakery.

I spent time away to visit with friends for a birthday party. And time with the lovely Amanda, my friend’s daughter.

I had an awesome 60th birthday party in Chicago at my daughter’s home. I have treasured moments with my grandkids. A drive to and from Florida late this year with my daughter, Charlie, who is the best travel companion.

I saw the goodness of my coworkers and friends who helped me during a time of need.

My beautiful granddaughter, Juneau, was born.

So there are several other bright spots in this dark year. I am blessed.

Fact is though, this world is changing. It’s changing inside my little circle and it’s changing on the outside in extreme ways. I’m struggling to keep up and to know what is expected of me and exactly where I belong. I imagine we all have been faced with tragedy, confusion, hardship, and difficult decision making over the past two years. And things need to change. People are not expendable. The challenges of today are unacceptable. Life and livelihood need to be protected.

I am ready to kick 2021 to the curb yet I do not want to leave Dad and Taylor behind. I guess in this new world we live in everyone has lost someone or something. And it’s hard to let go, say goodbye, come to terms with, and move on. New Year’s Eve is always such mix of emotion for me, and I’m usually a hot mess. As I am today.

I do have some positive ideas for 2022 and I hope I can make them come true. I will work diligently to do so. I challenge you to make positive resolutions other than just losing weight. Reach higher. Let’s pray that this new year holds much promise of better things to come.

2022 = the year of promise.

Wishing you the happiest and healthiest of New Years. ♥️


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. yep I like it! year of promise. We got this. Those that left us for a better place above will still be by our side and that gives me comfort.

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