Looking Back

Looking back at our past is normal. Granted, there are things back there we’d rather just forget. Regardless, they are our history and an influencer of who we are today. Good and bad memories. Lessons learned. And lessons that still need to be learned.

Looking back can be hard. Especially when the scene is wrapped in love. The hardest of life’s lessons are those seeded in love but cultivated in indecision and fear. It doesn’t typically end well. But still…love remains. That’s the most difficult part of looking back…wondering why we made the decisions we did.

Sometimes life keeps us so busy we don’t have time to look back. Often it’s not until we come across a certain fragrance, a name, a shared love song, a familiar sounding voice, or a tragedy that sends our heart racing back in time.

Such is today.

Do things today that won’t make you cry tomorrow. ♥️


In sweet, loving memory of F. Taylor Burton
August 5, 1965 – December 17, 2021

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