The Original Klondike Bar

When I was growing up, on December 19th we would get our Christmas tree. Dad would set it up in the garage for a day or two to let the branches relax. That was such a long wait for us three little people!

But now for the past seven December 19th’s, I’ve eaten a Klondike bar. If you’ve never had one you’ve missed out. You should put it on your Bucket List.

My mom loved Klondike bars. (And Peanut Buster parfaits from Dairy Queen.) She passed away in August of 2015 and today she would have been 81. Today is her birthday and I celebrated by eating a Klondike bar. The original Klondike bar.

I have been looking through old family photos. I ran across this one of mom sitting on the curb with her girlfriends. When I think of Mom, I think of her in roles as mom and grandma. We tend to think our parents and grandparents as always “old”.

my mom is in the middle

But when I look at this picture I see a girl in her mid-teens with fun in her eyes, dreams in her heart, and the world at her feet. She was more than a mom and grandma. She was her own person too, unique and beautiful in design.

Happy Birthday to my precious mom. I cherish you still… And I miss you so very much.

As you would write in every one of our cards You are always in my heart…you are forever in mine, Mom. ♥️


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