The Magic of Santa; The Truth of Christ

Whether you choose to include Santa in your Christmas holiday or not is totally up to you and totally fine either way. In my opinion.

No matter who you are I’m quite certain you feel the magic in the air, if only just a smidgen.

Make-believe is certainly a huge part of childhood. Santa is a part of that magic for many. The lying part of it though needs to be handled smartly. I wasn’t upset with my parents for lying to me about the existence of Santa. I was more upset about growing older and leaving Santa behind. On the other hand, one of my daughters was upset about this untruth and that I had intentionally lied to her. I still feel bad about that. Clearly, I didn’t handle it correctly then. Everyone handles the end-truth of Santa differently.

When my granddaughter did something wrong the other day, she asked me if Santa saw it. I told her that Jesus did. She wasn’t quite satisfied with that answer because actually, I didn’t answer. I hadn’t thought that far ahead to be prepared. It’s been so long since my kids were little. Maybe I should have said that Santa didn’t see it but one of his helpers did. Me! Be prepared for questions if Santa is included in your holiday with children.

Jesus is truth and our salvation. He was born of a virgin, and walked and taught upon this earth. He was tortured by men and His blood poured out upon this earth. He died for our sins. He watches us twelve months of every year, all the days of our life. He knows our heart, our mind, our soul. Santa is in the picture for about four weeks a year. Never replace Jesus with Santa in the eyes of a child. Just have fun with the magic of make-believe. Figure it out. Be creative and work it into something playful so there is no guilt.

I told my granddaughter that many people do not believe in Santa and that it is perfectly fine not to believe. I explained that Santa is simply a fun part of Christmas. She seemed to understand. Keeping things in perspective. That’s key.

Santa is magical. 🎅🏻
Jesus is truth. ✨

Enjoy your holiday season! ✨🎄✨
Ho! Ho! Ho! 🎅🏻


2 thoughts on “The Magic of Santa; The Truth of Christ

  1. Wonderful take, Andi! Its been a century’s long tradition in our family to include both. Sadly, the Bible does not tell us the exact date of Christ’s birth. It just eludes to “shepherds in the fields with their flocks”. I say anything that helps kids to be better because the might be on the naughty list is a good thing. At least for 4 weeks. 🙂


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