In Anger

I’ve had my share of living in anger. Many times for good reasons. Some not so much. And then others because they gave me an excuse. An excuse to do nothing. An excuse to avoid people or situations. An excuse to walk away from God.

Dwelling on anger is a stealer of life. It robs us of moments, hours, days, and years. It is a hindrance to relationships, employment…just living in general. But to be angry in order to control a situation or to use it to our own advantage is a special kind of wrong. Many times we justify our anger to relieve us of responsibility. I know this because I have done it myself.

I was once mad at God. I walked away from Him because I didn’t like how a situation turned out. Then the longer I professed my anger, the reason for it was basically faded away, and it became purely an excuse to not have to do anything for Him.

This can happen in any type of relationship. When the reason we hold onto our anger is so we are no longer obligated to do anything that is desired or expected of us…it’s only a matter of time before walls are built and relationships damaged or altered. In fact, no one wins. And, people, life is simply too short.

An angry Mr. Heat Miser

Are you are angry with how a situation is being handled yet offer zero assistance? Do you criticize from the sidelines? Have you walked the path of the one you are angry with? What measure do you use to solidify your anger? Are you leaning on anger to relieve yourself from responsibilities?

Anger can be a wicked thing when used to justify our actions. There is a purpose for anger when directed correctly. There’s also a wrong way to be angry. Again…life is simply too short to live even a single day like this.

Let go of anger and make amends. An I’m sorry goes a long, long way. ♥️


I believe LOVE is stronger than ANYTHING life throws at us. ♥️

Photo: courtesy of “The Year Without a Santa Claus”, via the internet

3 thoughts on “In Anger

  1. AMEN!

    Having walked away from God before, it finally dawned on me years later it was my own fault,, and that I just wasn’t ready for what I was asking for. I am thankful I lived to see the errors of my ways before it was too late. Thank you Andi!


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    1. That’s how I feel as well. Very grateful I didn’t die in my anger toward God. Thanks fir your comments, Bruce. Glad you are safe from that tornado event a couple days ago.


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