Butterflies & Roses

Butterflies and roses,
gifts from a friend.

Treasures I’ll keep
from now to my end.

Dragonflies, rainbows
bring tears to my eyes,

Of both joy and sorrow,
of hellos and goodbyes.

The moment you left us
many hearts broke.

But loving kindness
was the story you wrote.

So I’ll treasure these gifts
and remember your smile.

And the warmth of your love,
I’ll carry each mile.

I miss you beyond measure
as everyone does,

But you left us your legacy
of compassion and love.

Butterflies and roses,
gifts from a friend.

Treasures I’ll keep
from now to my end.

By Andi
November 11, 2016

My Chelle ♥️
02/01/1962 – 11/01/2016

16 thoughts on “Butterflies & Roses

      1. Stirred emotions are the breeding ground for creativity. I went on streak one time where I wrote so much it made me feel crazy. But something was stirred in me and the words just came.

        Ride the wave while it lasts.


          1. I would have never stopped to have coffee with Andi if her words hadn’t stopped me first… come to find out she’s a really awesome and elegant young lady. 😁

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              1. I feel a connection with you. I feel like we’re 2 completely different people but we have some kind of awesome connection. I don’t give my email out to NOBODY! But I trust you. I feel annoying and I talk too much and I feel like you value space and solitude. But I support you and I’m just trying to be a friend.

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                  1. I try to be considerate because I know you’re going through a lot. But my squirrelly side gets the best of me sometimes. Overlook me. I just don’t want you to be uncomfortably distant. I know I’m just a dude on the internet with a blog… but I do care.

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                    1. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

                      I was on Facebook for a little while. It was the only way I could have church there for a while. I began seeing things on there that I really didn’t like. So I deleted it. Otherwise I would have definitely voted for you! But you didn’t even need me 😁

                      Liked by 1 person

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