A Sociopath

Yesterday, I was told that I am a sociopath. Hmm.

So I did some research. Basically, all the references said the same thing. I will be referencing The Very Well Mind in this post.

Sociopathy Symptoms
A sociopath typically begins to symptoms of the disorder before the age of 18. This includes behaviors like:

Having a disregard for the law and engaging in acts that can lead to arrest

Using deceit to forge relationships, or to swindle others of their time or money

Having a persistent inability to plan ahead

Showing a poor, non-committal attitude towards work

Disregarding financial obligations like paying back debts

Having no remorse after physically or emotionally hurting another person

And to this I’d like to give another hmm.

Let me address each one of the above points.

• I am a law-abiding citizen. I may drive over the speed limit at times but I am 60 years old without a single traffic violation. Again, I am a law abiding citizen and I support law enforcement.

• My relationships are solid and true and I do my best to maintain them for life.

• I may not be the world’s best planner as I am focused on surviving today. I do have dreams of the future. Does that count?

• My employers have always been able to count on me to show up for work and do my part for the success of their business. I do not call off even though sometimes I probably should have. Do I complain? Yes, sometimes…but it’s while I’m still giving 100% of me to the business.

• I am debt-free with a credit rating of 823.

• No one feels more remorse than me. I feel the pain of others. I carry their burdens. I think the posts I’ve written here acknowledge the person I claim to be. I am over-the-top apologetic. I apologize so much that I’ve been told many times to just stop apologizing.


So when I look back at the sociopathic symptoms and my responses…nah, I’m not a sociopath. But…the one who told me that I am…hmm, let’s just say they would not be able to respond the same.

The sole intent of this person was to cut me in the heart. I’m not gonna lie. It hurt. But I got over it because it is untrue and I am considering the source. This person hurts and hurting others gives them bandaid comfort for their own pain. Regardless, I will continue to love them.

The purpose of this post was not to shame or point out a particular person. Otherwise, I would state their gender (of which, there are only two) and maybe give their first name. There are always going to be those who hurt you in life. There’s just no getting around it. You can remain wounded or you can let it roll off your back. Which is the healthier solution?

As with all of my posts, I hope to make a connection with you. It is my wish that you never feel alone in what life throws at you. No situation is ever so unique or isolated from what others experience. Knowing this will perhaps give you strength to push through it and insight to see truth over fiction.

I hope this last day of October is a good one. I’m not much of a Halloween person myself, but others really enjoy it. We will have a bonfire and all goodies that go with it. Enjoy!



Photos: a UNIQUE shop window, off the beaten path, summer 2021, appropriate for Halloween

3 thoughts on “A Sociopath

  1. As a person who is working towards becoming a certified personality expert through the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator. Your type, is one of the least likely of all 16 personality types to become a sociopath. Sounds like this person, is in need of love.


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