Yesterday I did quite a lot of work at home and my body feels every bit of it today. My back, arms, and feet hurt. My hands are calloused and sore. I cleaned out my shed. Cleaned around the fire pit. Filled in holes in my yard. Cut down a huge bush and removed the root system.

I used a variety of tools throughout the day. A couple of different rakes, brooms, cutters, and shovels. It was when I was removing the root system of the bush that I realized I was making the job harder because I was not using the correct shovel. Then I realized I was using correct one incorrectly. Make it work for you popped into my head.

Make it work for you. It is the purpose and design of every tool to make your job easier. If you use it incorrectly, your job is harder, or it may not be done correctly, or even at all.

We use tools on a daily basis. Maybe even on a minute-by-minute basis. We use tools to cook, sew, for gardening, in construction, and to work on cars. The need for tools is endless.

We have also been given tools to help us on our spiritual journey. Prayer is a tool, our means of communicating with God. Jesus is our intercessor but I’m not going to refer to Him as a tool. The Bible is a tool as it is the instruction book to life and godly living. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is a tool for strength, comfort, and fellowship.

While I said earlier you need to make the tool work for you, that is the truth with most tools. But God is a bit different. We don’t make His tools work for us. We don’t make God do anything. We desire and allow His tools to work in our life.

Tools are quite handy if you use the appropriate one for the job and then use it correctly. Same with the tools for a godly life. Use them carefully and with a willing heart.

Have a great start to a great new week. Pray for our country. 🇺🇸♥️


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