My Girl and I

I was blessed with three beautiful and wonderfully amazing girls. Truly blessed. The truth be told I didn’t want girls. I wanted a dude ranch of boys. But wow, when my first daughter was born…well, there just are no words for the love I felt for her. Then with the next two…yes, my heart overflows.

But as time moves on so have my girls. Not that there’s any less love, no…things are just different as they have moved into adulthood. As it should.

I look forward to this weekend when all my girls will be together again, including one of my granddaughters.

But there is one girl who is kinda stuck with me even as she ages. Nyx.

I discovered just how connected we are after these past difficult weeks. Her demeanor changed. She wasn’t happy and even distanced herself from us at times. She wouldn’t eat. Playing was minimal. She hardly smiled. (Yes, dogs smile.) It was very clear that she was confused with these new intense emotions that she was picking up from me. Even though I was trying not to express these emotions outwardly dogs have this keen sense of sensing things that are internal. My daughter says that they can pick up these emotions with their sense of smell. All I can say is dogs are amazing creatures.

When I got home from the hospital after my hip replacement, Hercules was so attentive. He always knew when I needed him most and he would stay by my side. He knew when I had hard days or when I was sick. He handled those sensitive times very well. It came natural to him.

Nyx is a different dog as she has many issues of her own. Topped with mine, she didn’t know what was going on and I feel she was almost afraid. Over time as she heals herself, she will be more capable of sensing my emotions and not be afraid.

My girl and I. She’s a one person dog and I love that. Herc was all over the place trying to protect us all. Not that Nyx wouldn’t protect us, she would. I see that in her. But she just hangs out with me. She follows me everywhere in the house. If I make a move, she follows. When I am at work, she pretty much stays in one place until I get home. My daughter says she is a completely different dog when I am gone. She can’t even touch her until I return. Then Nyx will allow it. Kinda breaks my heart since I’m gone for ten hours a day.

My girl and I. Hopefully, we have many years to spend together. I can’t even imagine how hard it will be for the other if one of us passes. She’s my girl for sure. And I sure do love her.

I was talking with a friend the other day about the sedum outside around my deck and all the creatures that love that particular flower. There was even a monarch butterfly landing here and there on the blooms. This monarch is the fourth and final generation of this season that will make its long trek to Mexico. Amazing. My friend and I talked about how creative God was when He designed all of these creatures. Why did He do this? Was it because He needed a bazillion types of butterflies, insects, and flowering plants for Himself? Why did He give dogs such amazing intuition? Did He design all these for His enjoyment, or for ours? Or, perhaps, both?

I believe God gave us these as gifts. He knew we need beautiful things in our daily life. We should be grateful for all the variety, uniqueness, and specialness that is wonderfully woven into all of His creation.

Thanking God this morning for His infinite love for us. From the time of creation through all of eternity. And I thank Him for my special girl, Nyx. ♥️


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  1. I tend to get along with women more than men. It’s a good thing I guess. I was never one who was concerned with what my buddies thought about things.

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