It’s unavoidable to not get hurt in this life. One way or another we get smacked around, beaten, bruised, taken advantage of, cheated on, violated, our heart broken, humiliated, and our ego crushed. We live in an imperfect world with imperfect humans. It’s gonna happen.

But should we avoid doing things because we might get hurt? Do we no longer take chances because there’s a possibility we could lose? Again? What about the possibility of happiness? Are we willing to forfeit that as well?

We cannot stop living, loving, or striving for that which is good because something could go wrong. We just can’t. That would be the opposite of living. Well…that would be unliving.

Which path will you choose?

No one wants to get hurt. And a good person doesn’t want to hurt others. Sometimes it happens though. Innocently. Other times people just don’t care and they hurt others for their own selfish desires. We give pain and we receive pain throughout our entire life.

But with that being said, there is a flip-side to pain. There is happiness and joy. There is love to give and receive. There is beauty in every single day. That’s the best part of living.

With living comes an abundance of highs and lows and emotions more varied than the colors found in a rainbow. If our life was perfect here no one would strive for Heaven.

Forgiving yourself and letting go of the past…that’s an important key to living.

I want to live. And love. I want to discover the best part of life. Living life full circle. That means taking all the good with the bad. Allow yourself to grow in Christ through it all.

Please don’t say no to living because you are afraid of the unknown. You might just miss out on the best part of this life here on earth.

The choice is yours.

Prayers earnestly given on behalf of those suffering pain and heartache this day. May they desire to live and not lose hope. God is omnipresent. He will get you though. ♥️


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