Who here can say they have never done something anything with selfish intent? I cannot say that without watching for a bolt of lightning to appear out of a crystal blue sky.

We live in a selfish world. And as technology grows and continually redefines itself, we become more and more selfish and in want of instant gratification.

We need to change the current direction of our homes, our schools and communities, and of our country. Nothing can withstand the tidal wave of entitlement that is flowing through the veins of so many people. Nothing. Selfishness and greed are destroyers of life and livelihood.

We need to be willing to change our own heart as change begins with each of us. Concentrate on being a better mom, dad, role model, friend, neighbor, Christian, boss, leader, husband and wife.

How much further must we sink in despair before we actually do something? Our homes are shattered. And home is where life begins.

My heart hurts so very much over this very topic. A friend told me to go ahead and cry it all out. Then hand it to the Lord. Good advice from a loving friend.

It’s sunny and very warm today. A good day to touch base with God. I plan to. ♥️


Photo: taken near my home, March 2021

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