Angels Among Us

I had an early morning appointment yesterday which is pretty typical for my Saturdays. I always take Nyx with me. I’m away from her so much during the week that I take her wherever/ whenever I can on the weekend.

It was such a nice morning that I decided we would walk at the sports park before going home. We pulled into the same parking spot where I would always park during all my years of running. It’s my spot. I’m kinda sentimental like that.

I parked next to a white pickup. A man was posting a reserved sign on the pavilion and then he headed toward the building that houses the restrooms. I got Nyx ready to go and we headed to the pathway where I always start my walk/run. We walked around the building and there was that man. He immediately began to speak to me. “Hi, I’m Rodney.” I introduced myself. He asked about my dog so I told him a little bit about her. We started another short conversation about his work with the parks department.

As we talked he kept his distance back away from me. Not sure what he was most concerned with…Covid or Nyx. He asked if I was a traveler. “You look like a traveler.” I said I do like to travel and that often I will get in my car and just drive. I told him about the Falls trip last Sunday and he said that was one of his most favorite places to go because of the peace found there.

I started to speak again when he sort of interrupted me, and changed the direction of the conversation.

He said, “There is something very special about you. I can see it. You are a good person.”

In my mind I was saying what? and huh? as he just kept right on talking…

His words were unexpected and I tried to take in all that he was saying but I just cannot remember it all. He continued lifting me up as I stood there, bewildered, and wiping my leaky right eye.

At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel. ~Maya Angelou

This was one of those moments.

I tried to hold back the tears. He had reached the painful place in my heart. Maybe he noticed as he changed the topic quickly again to other random things. We talked for awhile longer and then he left. I turned to head toward the path thinking about what had just happened.

Some things I decided, can’t be explained. That is…unless we look a little deeper. I never met that man before. He didn’t know me. But within two minutes he started saying very nice, uplifting things about me. Timing was perfect because I have been feeling somewhat displaced. He truly lifted my spirits.

I do believe angels are among us. The Bible talks about us entertaining strangers who are angels (Hebrews 13:1-2). And I also believe that God can and will use others to help us along our path in life. Maybe you have been touched by an angel. I think it may happen more often then we think. We might need to pay closer attention. For me, my angel was easy to notice this time. He was dressed in an orange parks department shirt and his name was Rodney.

Have a blessed Sunday. Be grateful for all things and be mindful of the angels who walk among us. ♥️


Photos: I never get tired of posting pictures of the Falls. These were taken about 13 years ago.

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