A Conversation With My Son

Our conversation was sparked over the heaviness of today’s issues in our world.

I’ve been feeling very weak lately too. But that’s the great thing about you seeking God out again. He is allowing you to go through this because He knows you’re going to benefit from it. He’s answering your prayers right now. You just have to stay strong like He’s wanting you to and very soon you’re going to see benefits from it.

Emotions go up and down every day. You have to let yourself know “hey, it’s ok to be stressed, it’s ok to be angry, it’s ok to be down.” Emotions are a wonderful thing to feel because it’s your way of working through situations and thoughts. Don’t be confused why your emotions are scattered and don’t fight them. Let them flow through you in a healthy way, yes…even anger. When you start telling yourself this and allowing yourself to let the emotions happen, they will pass so much quicker and you’ll have more inner peace, even during your worst times.

I understand your concerns. I have the same concerns. But you’re better off keeping yourself informed, voting strategically, and then leaving it in God’s hands. Nothing can happen in this world unless God allows it too and if He allows it to happen, we must rejoice that we have an opportunity to show God our faith and dedication to Him, and He WILL reward us for that.

Even the devil himself had to ask God for permission to even attempt to make Job turn away from God. The devil had to ASK for permission! If the lord of ALL EVIL had to ASK our God to mess with one single human than nothing in this world is ever going to happen without God being in 100% control.

I think you’re very well informed on the situation of our country and the world. But not only is God in full control but there are insanely powerful and intelligent people at work for the protection of our nation whom I believe God put in place to keep us from going under.

My suggestion is this:

God has not put you in a place of power to make massive change in our country politically. He wants you to not be ignorant of what’s going on but He wants you to focus on the tasks He’s specifically given to you. Stay informed but limit your political intake, use this new found free-time to focus on you and your family. That’s where you can make the biggest difference in the world and yes, this matters a lot.

You can’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Only Jesus can do that.

All of the italicized words above are from my youngest son, Zeke…to me.

Zeke’s thoughts are beautifully written. He painted a brilliant canvas for me. He couldn’t have been more loving. And it is all true. Every word.

In this day of mass confusion and upset, I acknowledge I still wear the heavy Momma Bear coat…even though all of my children are adults. I want to protect my them and grandchildren. But simply put…I cannot.

I will never be able to fully remove this coat I’ve worn for almost 40 years. That I am sure of. Nor, do I believe that I should. I just don’t quite understand what mom means currently. My children are all I have. I really don’t understand my role in life anymore, my place, or even where home truly is. I feel displaced and sort of, out-of-sorts.

But Zeke speaks truth. I’m not in a place of power to save our world, or them. So I will remove the cape I draped over the shoulders of my woolly coat. And I will replace that cape with prayer.

A burdensome weight was lifted during our conversation. My heart has been awfully tired as of late, so I found some relief. My nature is that of a fixer; a healer, of sorts. But I cannot carry the weight of the world any longer. Only Jesus can. So I will give it back to Him.

Who says you cannot learn from your children? I will never say that. They have taught me many things about life and God. And even about myself.

I love my children. And I would do anything for them. I guess for now, I just need to love them. Oh, and maybe laugh a little more with them.

Thank you for reading this lengthy post. I feel it was all so important that I couldn’t chisel it down in length. I feel there are some who just might relate to this message.

Have a blessed weekend. ♥️


Zeke and me, several years ago

Photos: all mine except for the quoted picture, Pinterest/ internet

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