Live Life Full Circle

The week before my friend passed away she gave me a necklace that reads Live Life Full Circle. At the time she was preparing to leave as director of a grief support group and this was one of a couple of different necklaces that people could purchase to help support that group.

While I think I understand the meaning, I’m not sure that I do exactly because it could have read Live Life to the Fullest, Live Life Completely, or just, Live Life.

Full circle. What does that mean?

I know what living full circle does not mean. It doesn’t mean being born and living through old age because that just doesn’t happen for everyone.

So maybe it means to….

Feel every emotion.
Fulfill every dream.
Smell every flower.
Love to the fullest.
Give of yourself.
Live every role you were meant to live.

It probably means to live life in every spectrum of color. Like an artist with his canvas and paint.

So I’m thinking full circle means making life happen during the dash on your headstone. You know…the dash between your birthdate and your death date. One date is already written in stone. We can’t change that. The other can be written at anytime so the dash is all we have.

Live life full circle. Live your dash.
No one can do it for you. ♥️

Whatever decisions you make create the life you live. ~ Mattea


Photos: my florals taken yesterday; “live your dash”, internet

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