An Afternoon Delight…

Nooooo….not what you’re thinking! Ha! Nothing like that song by the same name.

I’m having a delightful afternoon with my daughter and Nyx.

This is our go to place when Mattea and I need to get away. No matter what season, the falls is a gift that keeps on giving.

First we stopped by the oldest running general store in our state. The store owner even invited Nyx in and gave her a treat. I love this store. Wish my dad was here. He’d love it too.

We just had our lunch which was a salad similar to what I posted a few days ago. Lots of people here today and dogs. It’s hard to get pictures of the falls without people in it. People do kinda make me mad because they walk around all the Please Keep Clear signs and walk on ledges where they aren’t supposed to be. And they do it with young children. And they swim in no swim zones. One little girl was upset because she was standing in the water and there was a snake in the water next to her. She was with her parents as they had just moments earlier walked around the sign. What are we teaching our kids? Not to follow safety rules?

On another note, this is where my second oldest son was married. It was a gorgeous May wedding. Windy but sunny and very nice. My mom and dad were both here. Now that was a delightful day.

Hope you are refilling your bucket for the new week coming up. I am. ♥️


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