Embarrassing Moments

Ever have those moments where, at the time, you wish you could hide under a rock? Maybe you weren’t hurt physically but wow…your pride sure was?

I’ve probably had more than my share, but I’m gonna share a few. It’s time for some laughs…even at my expense. Feel free to share an embarrassing moment of yours in the comments. It’s all good. You are among friends.

This first one might be more of humiliation than embarrassment, but probably both. Okay. The first two.

When I was about sixteen before we moved to a small town in Indiana, I dabbled with alcohol and pot. Boones Farm Strawberry Hill and Old Style beer. Yuck to both but that’s what us kids in the neighborhood drank. I even tried Marlboro cigarettes which I actually loved but never stuck with. One day my dad was curious about my sister and I after we got back from spending time with my cousin who was a year older than me. He knew what high looked like. So he told us that if your smoke pot your fingernails turn yellow. I immediately flipped my hands over and looked at my nails. Yep, that’s what I did. End of story.

In high school during my junior year, I became a weekend partier. Not really because it wasn’t every weekend. My girlfriend, Robin, and I bought these huge tumblers for our mixed drinks. So when I did drink, I drank big.

One Saturday night I went to a party. I drank big that night. My friend, Gary, pulled me back from the bonfire so I wouldn’t catch fire, or fall in. Then I walked right over and puked all over the side of our friend’s house. Yeah, all over the aluminum siding. I’m sure his parents were not happy with that one. From then on Gary called me AL. Short for alcoholic.

Moving on…

Several years prior to this next incident, my mom, sister, and I took a road trip to Minnesota. It was always fun with those two because we laughed so much. We had stopped at a rest area and were enjoying a nice day and stretching our legs for a bit when a woman comes strolling out of the bathroom. As she walked by we noticed she was sporting an extremely long toilet paper tail. We laughed uncontrollably. How does that even happen?!

Fast forward to a parents meeting of my son’s kindergarten class at a Christian school. I had been at work and raced to get there. But first, I needed to use the restroom. Since I was almost late, the classroom was already packed with parents quietly sitting in their seats. There was only one empty chair left. Front row, center. I had no choice but to take it.

After the meeting, we all stood up and started chatting with each other. I casually reached back to straighten my clothing…when…what?…what is that…omygosh…is it what I think it is? Yep. I was sporting a long toilet paper tail. No one said a word to me about it. I was soooooo embarrassed! I still wonder to this day…how does that happen?! And how did that group of parents keep from laughing when I sat down in front of them? What I learned was…don’t laugh at other people’s embarrassing moments. 😬

I went roller skating a lot in my young years. You know, the real skates with four wheels on each skate. I went with a group of girls so we could skate and look at boys. Hopes were that we might be asked by a boy to partner with him for the couples skate. This was an embarrassing and awkward age for me. Well, I came out of the bathroom and began to skate when I noticed toilet paper was all wound up around one of the wheels, sporting a little tail of its own. Could I have been any more embarrassed? Nope, not at that age.

Once I ran into the little mom & pop store after church one wintery night. The cars park right up to the sidewalk along the front and south side of the building. I parked on the south side. I grabbed my paper sack full of groceries with loose grapes on top and headed out to my car. My first thought was how glad I was that a car had its headlights on so I could see the corner better to get to my car when…whoops…I slipped on the icy sidewalk directly in front of that car. Up flew my skirt. Up flew the groceries out of the bag, and into my hair went the grapes. You know my hair. You’ve seen it. This crazy hair latched on tight to those grape vines. Did anyone bother to get out of their cars to help me? Nope. Not only did my arse hurt but my pride took a beating.

Trying to get up and pull my skirt down from around my waist while on ice was challenging. I still had to collect the groceries that fell out of the bag too. I did all this with grapes hanging out of my hair. First things first you know, and getting my skirt down to its modest length was a priority. Wow…what a show I put on. I’m almost certain the occupants in the parked cars were laughing their arses off and couldn’t help me if they wanted to. Heck, I even laughed ever-so-slightly when I felt the grapes in my hair.

Besides getting into other people’s cars in parking lots, wearing my workout pants inside-out and backwards, backing into a candle on New Year’s Eve and catching my sweater on fire, oh…and that little incident at the gun shop…I’m pretty sure there are many more moments I have conveniently forgotten.

Thank you for stopping by to see what I have to say today. I hope this has been a fun way to start your Monday. I laughed while putting it together. ♥️


Hope you enjoyed my goat pics as well. Goats are some of the cutest, funniest animals on this planet.

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  1. I had a toilet paper trail from my shoe at a midnight movie in high school with a lot of friends there. It seemed to be neon white in the dark lobby of the theater.

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