June 30th

As of today, 2021 is officially half over. I can barely comprehend it. Does that make me a pessimist? You know…is your year half-full or half-empty?

Things have certainly changed greatly since January. A lot of life was crammed into these last six months. Much of which I wish I could change. But I can’t. Sometimes it feels like my heart is half-empty.

But tomorrow is July 1st. A new month with a great holiday weekend to get us started. And I’m very excited for that. I’m feeling quite patriotic this year too. If I decide to watch the fireworks this year it will be with the crowd instead of at ground zero. The first time since I don’t remember when. Last year I rented an AirB&B in the middle of nowhere to escape it all.

I hope your day was good. I’m a little melancholy, but that’s ok. I am at peace. And that’s a good thing. ♥️


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