Women Fought for This

I’m a little agitated right now as I watch men who can’t compete in men’s events are now starting to win all of the women’s. Even Miss Nevada is a man. Sorry. I don’t buy all this he identifies as a woman crap.

Men in wild women’s costumes, who wear more makeup than a circus clown, are now doing story time with our most innocent and impressionable children. These men try to convince our babies that this is normal and acceptable behavior.

A man was in an all woman’s spa or gym because he identifies as a woman. What woman walks around with her “junk” fully exposed in a gym? And his purpose for being there was…?? A sexually perverted fantasy? I heard children were present. Pedophilia! Call it what it is. This is not okay! What’s wrong with people?

Women fought for these rights. They fought for equality. But they kept fighting beyond what was important. I wasn’t on that bandwagon. I’m far removed from being a feminist. And they certainly do not speak for me. They became men-haters. I am not. Everything men did was wrong in their eyes. They carried on with an attitude of anything you can do I can do better. And for what purpose? We have nothing to prove. We can excel in other ways. Beautiful ways. Many women still fight for all that is contrary to having healthy homes for our children…and they are relentless. They carry their vulgar signs while dressed as genitalia, pridefully boasting their dominance and free-will spirit with total disregard for the children who see them. The Bible talks about women losing their natural affection for children. It couldn’t be more evident than it is today.

Women burnt their bras only for men to wear them now. You went too far ladies. Now men are erasing women. How is that going for you?

Women fought for rights but didn’t know when to stop. And yes, I blame a large part of this perversion on women libbers. You kinda asked for this. Now we all have to suffer.

Oh, I’m on a rant. This is weakening our nation. Look at history. Oh….I forgot. That’s being erased too. Sin will destroy us from the inside out. It is destroying us as the rest of the world watches…

Stand up for our country. Stand up for our homes and family. Stand up especially for our precious children. ♥️


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