True Love

How many times a day do you use the word love? While it does have many meanings such as, liked a lot, to me it is so overused that it’s barely recognizable when true love appears. Some question it, which is good. Discovering love to be true is the fun, exciting part of a relationship. Others have a different “true love” every weekend. Is that possible? I don’t think so. So, what is true love?

I don’t have a PH.D and I don’t have a couch for you to lie on (well, I do have a couch but you can’t lie on it 😬), so what I share is my opinion. I draw my own conclusions on the life I have lived. I have loved, and I have been in love. There is a difference in those too. Another day…

True love comes from the deepest part of you.

It’s the giving of yourself unselfishly.

It’s looking past the material aspect of each other and no matter what their financial state, their social status, their quality of education, etc., you both start on a clean slate. The same clean slate.

It’s the fitting together like puzzle pieces. You complete each other. You compliment one another too. Where one is weak, the other is strong.

It’s knowing there is great value in being together. It’s also knowing the worth of each other as individuals too.

True love is the most intimate connection of hearts.

It’s the I would give my life for yours.

Trust, belief, and confidence in each other is the frosting on this cupcake.

I’ve been there. And that’s where I want to be again. Right in the midst of it. True love.

How many chances do you get in a lifetime? I don’t know. I hope I haven’t spent all my tokens or shot all my arrows. But I also believe that true love knows where to find the perfect heart. It’s match made in Heaven.

It could be that’s it’s been right in front of you but you didn’t recognize it because you weren’t looking. But what if…it found you? Open your heart to see.

True love…I believe. ♥️


8 thoughts on “True Love

      1. I have my own and your couch is stupid 😝😝😝😂🤣

        I’m so immature 😆

        Ok… I liken love to vows.. Jesus said if you love Him, you’ll keep His commandments. So, husband and wife, if they love each other, they’re going to stick to their vows.

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