Why I Write

Last night I was having a discussion with a fellow blogger who was feeling discouraged. While trying to encourage my friend, I tried to explain to him one of the most important and meaningful reasons of why I write. I write for my kids.

I write from my heart. Often, it’s my heart at the moment. But with every post, I think my kids might understand me just a little bit better. When I am gone, my words, thoughts, and feelings will live on. Maybe they will be able to get advice from me when I am no longer able to give it. It is my wish that my grandkids can know Grandma better too. These are things I wish I had with my parents and grandparents…a more intimate knowledge of them.

So when I write, not only do I write for those of you who might be encouraged by my words, but I do it for my kids. I don’t have much money to leave them or any of those finer things in life. But what I do have is the gift of me…through my own words. Maybe that’s better than any material possessions I have anyway. Including my skunk collection. 🦨🦨🦨

This is my gift. This is my legacy. ♥️


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