Men and Fathers

This morning I thought I might reflect upon the importance of men upon this earth. I was reminded last night of statistics that show the correlation between those who commit terrible crimes and the lack of having a supportive father figure in their life.

In the beginning, God created man first-and-foremost as the base, the foundation, of family. Family is the foundation of society and well…for the world. I am in no way belittling the position of women at all. I am one and I believe God’s design and placement of each is beautiful and it works well if both desire it and work together as a unit.

Families split up more often than not anymore. The father is often absent from their children’s most delicate years of learning and discovering of who they are and their place in the world. Little girls need a good, strong man as their father. One who encourages them to see the beauty in themselves, lifts them up, gives them confidence, and shows them how to be loved and treated by a man through the example of loving their mother. I cannot stress enough the importance of a good father/ daughter relationship.

Young boys need their father to show them how to be the strength in a family and a true leader. How to be that base. A good man will put God above himself. He will teach his boys how to settle conflict without harming others and that being articulate is a sign of self-control. A good man will keep his anger in check and find healthy ways to release the stresses of the day. Fathers will show their sons how to treat a woman by how he treats their mom as well. A young, impressionable boy will follow his father’s footsteps whether good or bad. If the father is absent, the young boy will find another male role model to learn from and follow. The results of those arrangements often make the headlines.

One more thing: a good father will never show favoritism for one child over another. That is devastating to the child left out and detrimental to the family unit. The child will seek out love and attention in all the wrong places trying to fulfill that empty place of love in their heart. It is cruel.

We need to be raising young men to be strong, godly men. Mothers have an exceptional role in that as well. But today I am thinking of men and what a responsibility they have in the home and in society. It is my hope that many fathers return to their roots in the home and become the man that God designed from the very beginning.

I am thankful for the men in my life, friends and family. They are blessings to me. I believe as Christians we need to pray for them on a daily basis. They carry much responsibility upon their shoulders. We need good, strong families led by good, strong men that will lead to a good and strong nation under God.

Enjoy your cup of coffee on this beautiful Sunday morning. And be thankful for the good men and fathers in your life. ♥️


Photos: all are from a lavender farm, 2017

3 thoughts on “Men and Fathers

  1. Excellent post!!

    I think all the time of guys who walk around in feminine looking clothes, don’t hold jobs for long, and the whole toxic masculinity nonsense.

    The removal of man is the breakdown of an entire society. Even among older men these days, they seem so childish.

    I constantly think about 2 men from my old church. They worked, they took care of their family, and they served God just as hard. A couple vertebrates that held this nation up for as long as they were living.

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