Blessings are gifts from God. They come in many shapes and sizes. There isn’t a one-size fits all. God knows what we need as individuals and tailors them for us specifically. Blessings even in the form of people whom God has strategically placed in our lives. And these are probably the best and most important gifts of all.

The value of a good person is priceless. When you recognize this gift you do not throw it away. No, you cherish this person. You learn from them. You do not take advantage of their kindness and you appreciate their efforts to make life a better place.

We need to be thankful and never disregard the blessings that shower us daily. We don’t deserve all that we are blessed with but God sure loves us. He knows exactly when and what we need and sends that gift to us.

Be grateful for all the blessings that found you this day. ♥️


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