Nature is a Wonderland

It is April 20th. Spring is here. Trees are budding. Flowers are blooming. We’ve mowed a few times already. I’ve seen mosquitoes, stink bugs, and wasps. Birds are making nests. And animals are twitterpated. I even started to tan a little. But winter isn’t about to let go without one last word.

My sister in NC asked me tonight if it was snowing yet as she had seen an earlier weather report for this area. I sent her a picture. She said, “You love it, don’t you?” Yeah. I guess I do.

Nyx loves it too!
Nyx before takeoff.

I know this snow won’t last long. I’ll enjoy this pretty sight while it’s here. I’m just hoping it doesn’t hurt all the new life that is just now popping up. That’s the only downside.

No matter what season, or overlap of seasons, nature is always a wonderland. ♥️


I’ve always loved autumn best but maybe I’m becoming an all-season girl. I do know I am gaining a greater appreciation for nature every single day. ♥️

9 thoughts on “Nature is a Wonderland

  1. I can’t imagine snow at this time of year. We’re having summer weather by 3pm in my neck of the woods. Enjoy it!!

    The snow matches your hair 😁

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