Paint Your Canvas

Life is meant to be colorful. When you look at the blessing of being able to see in color, and the endless array of color, how could we not choose to live colorfully?

But a colorful life isn’t by chance. It isn’t “let the blocks fall as they may”. It isn’t “if it’s meant to be it’ll just happen”. No. A colorful life is about working hard for something or someone. It’s nurturing and holding onto, and not letting go of. Life is not about stifling dreams only to live in black and white, but it’s about making them a reality. This is another wonderful blessing of life.

We tell our young children they can reach for the stars. They can be firemen or princesses or astronauts. We encourage them to dream. But what happens to us? Why aren’t we reaching for the stars? Why do we leave dreams for children? It shouldn’t be fantasy. Dreams can come true in adulthood. I believe this. But it sometimes means taking chances and making sacrifices.

If you keep your dream a dream, one day you may wake up to find its too late. An opportunity missed. Or a love lost because someone else found the time to cherish them.

Dream. Be motivated. Paint your canvas. Cherish opportunities that are presented to you. They are a gift.

Life. Is. Short.

Thanks for being here and sharing a cup with me. ♥️


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