Butterfly Moments

At the moment I feel empty as to what I should write to you. It’s not that I’m in a bad way, although I am trying to sort through some personal stuff. The last two days though have been fairly peaceful compared to the last few weeks. Still, I always feel the need to write whether I have a topic or not.

I thought of recent pictures I took in Florida. Often a blog will appear from a picture that I take, and I take a lot for that very reason. I immediately thought of the beautiful monarch butterflies at my dad’s home. Even if I am not writing much tonight, the butterflies are so worth their own blog.

The monarch story is beautiful. Every season, four generations of monarchs make it possible for the survival of the species. They are one of the most remarkable creatures on this earth. I encourage you to watch a documentary or read a book on the migration of the monarch butterfly. It’s an amazing journey.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, Thank you for always being here. ♥️


14 thoughts on “Butterfly Moments

  1. PLEASE do not feel empty. You have friends who love you very much. You are not alone. We grieve with you and our hopes are that you can remember the good times.

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        1. I was just going to figure out how to see if you were ok. You’ve been quiet. I’m sorry I have read your posts of late. I will catch up. Hope you are doing well. And wherever you are, I hope the weather is as beautiful as it is here. ☀️

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          1. I’ve been quiet with you lately because I figured you wanted time to yourself.

            I’m doing good! I did deadlifts and sit-ups yesterday and my knees are swollen. 🤦‍♂️ I’m too young to be so old..

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