Andréa Bocelli

I got in my car tonight after work and plugged in my phone. On Fridays, I have a long drive to and from work. That’s the time when I listen to podcasts or music. Tonight, I thought of Andréa Bocelli, but then instantly, I thought of Dad. The dam burst, and I cried for several miles.

There are a few things that Dad and I share. One thing we share is the love for our Italian heritage, the beautiful language, the gorgeous country, pizza, gelato, and Andréa Bocelli.

Dad introduced me to this amazing Italian singer a long time ago. He gave me a playlist of songs. Everyone of them, beautiful. It’s one of my most favorite playlists.

Memories, and our shared likes, our disagreements, our happy moments are constantly popping into my mind when I least expect it. And then, uncontrollably, I release another gusher. Tonight was just a continuation of the morning and mid-afternoon breakdown.

I couldn’t listen to our beautiful Italian singer. Not tonight. I don’t know when I’ll be able to again. I listened to nothing on my drive home.

As for an update, my Dad is quiet with no changes. He’s so tired. More tired than he realized. Than we all realized. I will see him in a couple days. I want to hear him say my name again. But I know that isn’t possible. Sometimes he would call me Andrena for fun. And decades ago, when I was just a little girl, he would say I was his “Georgia Peach”.

Oh my gosh…where do all these tears come from? I cannot continue…

Goodnight, Dad. I love you. ♥️

I’ll always be your Georgia Peach.

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